Dandelion (Rosaceae)
TitleDandelion (Rosaceae)
DirectorUtako Koguchi
Format16mm, Vhs video, Umatic video
DescriptionLulu and Lala are twin sisters, but live apart from one another. When Lala is watching a video of beautiful boys in a midnight screening, by chance she finds her father appears in it. The shock of seeing his naked hips has the effect of transforming her into a boy. She goes to Lulu's house to show off her new penis. There Lala finds that Lulu has also changed into a boy. They fight a fierce and vulgar battle, transforming their appendages in ever increasing sizes to do battle. Lulu submits to Lala returning to her girl form and presents her severed penis, decorated with flowers, to her sister. However the penis carries the HIV virus. The two girls make love. While fucking they remember their old happy days, a time of innocence and friendship. The girls are thrown into ecstasy as consciousness dies away.