Shinjuku Boys
TitleShinjuku Boys
DirectorKim Loginotto
Format16mm, Vhs video, Umatic video
DescriptionThis film is set in the New Marilyn night club in Tokyo where all the hosts are women who have decided to live as men. They make their living by working in a club with other 'onnabe' like them. The young women who go there often have relationships with them but the underlying fear is whether such a relationship can withstand the pressures on a girl to get married and have children. All three boys deal with this in different ways. GAISH is an elegant playboy with lots of girlfriends. He has a constant fear of loneliness. TATSU has felt a boy since childhood. He lives with his girlfriend, Tomoe. KAZUKI intends to marry Kumi, who started life as a man and now works at the Pink Soda cabaret club as a dancer. These three hosts, the Shinjuku Boys, take us into their lives.