Disgraceful Conduct
TitleDisgraceful Conduct
DirectorEva Weber
FormatVhs video, Umatic video, 35mm
DescriptionEvery year an average of sixty service personnel are administratively discharged from the British forces on grounds of being lesbian or gay. Disgraceful Conduct is a film about double identities, deceit and the betrayal of trust. The film tells the story of Callum Morgan, a lesbian officer in the Royal Air Force. Her career is threatened when a colleague reports her to the RAF Special Investigation Branch. Flying Officer Leslie Robertson is jealous of Callum's recent promotion. When she learns that Callum is homosexual, Leslie uses this information to undermine Callum's career by claiming she has been assaulted by her. Callum becomes subject to a witch-hunt. The only way to defend herself appears to be to lie about her sexuality. In the subsequent court-martial Callum has to make a decision which will effect the rest of her life.Winner: Best Independent European Short Film and Press Award for Best Short Film, 25th International Festival de Cinema, Algarve, 1997.