Hotel Chelsea-Koln
TitleHotel Chelsea-Koln
DirectorTanya Ury
FormatVhs video, Umatic video
DescriptionA place where travellers and/or lovers rendezvous or rest; a visit possibly forgotten in its transience or remembered by its intensity. The title suggests a connection with USA by its namesake in New York. So, while sleeping in Germany, the visitor may dream away continents and escape to cold-war-distant America. In 1995, the year in which the end of the war and the liberation of the concentration camps is remembered in Europe, Hotel Chelsea-Koln, the video, filmed specifically, is an unlikely memorial. Some of the voice-overs, in English and German, are directly concerned with the theme of remembrance. With little attempt at deconstruction, the pictures display rituals of courtship and sex that deliver a sense of banality - more kitsch that art. This may be a kind of post: war; wall; feminist; modern, malaise. However the connection of the sexes and war, interpersonal abuse and human abuses on a historical level is relevant. Behind the 'true stories - true confessions' is a suggestion that 'right' attitude is not straight forwardly obvious. In the face of this interpretation of human weakness, the artist gives free licence to black humour.