Bloodsports for Girls
TitleBloodsports for Girls
DirectorRoz Mortimer
Format16mm, Vhs video, Umatic video
DescriptionA lone woman (the artist herself) is followed on three dreamlike journeys where she discovers her sexuality and samples the forbidden fruit of Dr. Freud. The woman lives in a sumptuous and surreal world where her exotic dreams are populated by snails, tadpoles, custard and her ever present scissors. She gardens in suburbia with the slimy hermaphrodites; walks to the wedding march; floats like Ophelia with the swarming tadpoles; collects fantastic flowers; performs surgery on her rapidly growing and phallic hair and finally sinks blissfully into a stemming bath of custard. The film, with lascivious tongue in cheek, uses Freudian symbols to confront ideals of female sexuality and break taboos by mixing the forbidden with luscious sensual pleasure. This woman takes her pleasure without aid of human partner of any gender. A richly visual, witty and haunting film, drawing its literary influences from the notes of Dr Freud and T.S. Eliot to the Bumper Book for Girls.