How to book a Cinenova Film or Video.
* All digitsed titles can be previewed at The Showroom, London more info and booking here.

* When booking a title please give at least 2 weeks notice prior to the play date.

* Bookings can be taken via email.

* To book a film or video we will require confirmation of the play date, format, the number of screenings and delivery and invoice address.

* All distribution on video or dvd is handled from the Cinenova office. However our 16mm prints are held at the BFI but all bookings must still come through Cinenova.

* All payment must be made in advance of Cinenova dispatching the film or video.

* As well as providing a distribution service Cinenova also offers programming and exhibition advice and a viewing service for researchers and programmers. Please email for details.

* Requested Preview Tapes are produced on demand and cost 10 per tape plus postage. Preview charges are deducted from hire invoices resulting from previewing. Preview tapes must be returned within 14 days of receipt.

* Stills can be ordered at a cost of 1 per image.

* Please email Cinenova to check which of the titles in this catalogue can be hired or are available for purchase.

* Below is an indication of prices for film and video rental or purchase. Prices may vary so please contact us for an exact cost.

Running time band0-10 mins10-30 mins30-60 mins60+ mins
16mm Hire405070100
VHS Hire30406090
Beta Hire405070100
DVD Hire405070100
VHS Sale708090110
DVD Sale708090110
16mm Hire708090110
VHS Hire405070100
Beta Hire708090110
DVD Hire405070100
VHS Sale90100110130
DVD Sale90100110130