Artist Noski Deville

Noski Deville is a cinematographer and film artist, working across film, music
and sound. As Workshop Co-ordinator at the London Filmmakers Co-Op in
the 1980s she developed her skills on the JK Optical Printer. Deville has over
25 years experience as a cinematographer, which is well known from her
award winning work with internationally acclaimed artists including; Isaac
Julien, Steve McQueen, Alia Syed, Daria Martin and Jananne Al-Ani. In 2015
she won the Jules Wright Prize for her cinematography in the field of visual
arts. An industry recognised Director of Photography and member of the
Guild of British Camera Technicians, Deville is also a committed film
educator having headed up the Cinematography Department at UCA,
Farnham Film School.

11 Nov 18:00, 2023
Arsenal - Institute for Film and Video Art, Berlin
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Jacqui Duckworth, L. Franklin Gilliam, Noski Deville, S. Pearl Sharp
39mins, 1994, UK
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Noski Deville, Rif Sharif
20mins, 1994, UK
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Noski Deville