Artist Sheffield Film Co-op

In the early 1970s the second women’s liberation
movement was engaging in raising consciousness about issues women
faced in their domestic and work lives. It was soon clear that there was a
need to disseminate feminist ideas about the issues to a wider audience than
those women already attending meetings. A small group of women with
young children in Sheffield realised that film could be a powerful means of
giving women the voice that they did not have in the mainstream media. A
Question of Choice was Sheffield Film Co-op's fourth film, made in 1982 on
16mm with a crew of two and shown on projectors in community and adult
education centres. With funding from Channel 4's Independent Film and
Video Department, SFC later went on to make films for broadcast and to help
train new women filmmakers.

27mins, 1984, UK
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Sheffield Film Co-op
40mins, 1983, UK
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Sheffield Film Co-op
18mins, 1982, UK
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Sheffield Film Co-op