Image Credits: (Bikini Kill in The UK: 1993: Lucy Thane)

 Bikini Kill in the UK: It Changed My Life (UK, 1993, 30mins) Lucy Thane

“In 1993 I was lured by the bright lights of Punk Rock club toilets and excited fifteen year olds in Brownie uniforms to make a film about the U.S. Riot Girl band Bikini Kill It changed my life (1993).” (Lucy Thane)

Lucy Thane’s film around Bikini Kill’s 1993 co-headlining tour with Huggy Bear documents the first time they performed in the UK. It features live footage, interviews with the bands and contributions by The Raincoats, Sister George, and Skinned Teen. It also features a selection of interviews with people present at the shows. Filmed through various venues, living rooms, kitchens and bathroom stalls, it explores conversations around women, music & DIY culture.

 Lucy Thane is a Film Producer, event maker and performer from the UK

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Image Credits: (Bikini Kill in The UK: 1993: Lucy Thane)

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