Image: ‘Reproductive Labour’, 2011, exhibition view, The Showroom. Courtesy: Daniel Brooke and The Showroom, London.

Donate here or here to become a Cinenova Supporter for the coming year. Your contribution will be greatly valued.

Since 2001 Cinenova has been run by volunteers dedicated to the constellation of films, histories, and politics that make up the collection, believing in the necessity of keeping it autonomous and in active distribution, rather than dispersed into larger and more general archives.

The organisation operates with no public funding at present and our income through bookings for film screenings, festivals and exhibitions have been severely reduced since the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ten years ago, we committed to more actively facilitating the distribution of our collection, re-grouping as a team of volunteers called the Cinenova Working Group. In parallel we began the long-term project of digitising this unique collection of over 400 films & videos. The Cinenova Working Group acts as the organising committee, asking how this group can operate collectively and voluntarily to ensure the ongoing care of the collection and its public access and as an un(der)funded organisation how it can stand against the replication of exploitative working models.  

Now we are launching the Cinenova Supporters Scheme to take us into this second decade. Whilst one-off donations are always welcome, what we need most is a regular income to cover ongoing overheads.

Please share this with those you feel could be interested or able to support Cinenova at this time.

Your support will help us with:

Rent and Storage – £3000

– An effect of the Covid-19 pandemic has been the closure of cinemas, exhibition spaces, and film festivals. This has led to a significant decrease in bookings from the Cinenova
collection. Cinenova is currently running at a loss to cover our basic overheads including the rental of our desk space and storage unit. The calculated deficit being just over £3000 for the year.

Digitisation and Access – £10,000

– Many of the works distributed by Cinenova exist in precarious states such as worn film prints and unstable tape formats, so a large part of our ongoing work is in preserving the collection. In 2021 we plan to begin digitising and captioning 10 key works from the collection. In addition, we will commission contextual information and educational resources for each of these works.

Core Equipment – £2000

– The focus of our external fundraising applications has been on commissioning texts and inviting people to curate film packages because this is what funders tend to support. The maintenance of our core equipment, a computer, and data storage, whilst less applicable to these projects is the very core of our administrative responsibilities to the collection. Your support would help us to buy a new computer and external hard drives, which we are unlikely to get funds for from other sources.

Please join the Cinenova Supporters Scheme online here or International Funds can be sent via the Paypal Giving Fund with the note supporter.

Image credit:  ‘Reproductive Labour’, 2011, exhibition view, The Showroom. Courtesy: Daniel Brooke and The Showroom, London.

Image description: A photo of a low lit tabletop, covered with grey cloth. An assortment of posters, flyers, and leaflets are arranged on the tabletop, some of which are held down with small stones.