A historical and political documentary on the rise of far-right women in Europe; in France, Germany, Italy and the UK. The documentary examines the methods political parties use, to manipulate voters with far-right wing and fascist family policies.

Featuring historical interviews, with Marie France Stirbois and Martine Lehideux, former MEP’s of the Front National in France.

In Italy, interviews with the infamous Alessandra Mussolini, Granddaughter of Mussolini, elected as a member of the lower chamber for the former Alleazana Nazionale. Irene Pivetti, member of the Lega Nord, a former President of the Chamber of Deputies in Italy. In the UK, a member of the British National Party, Angela Clarke and in Germany, one of the founders of the German League for home and people, Dr Gabriela Beisicht.

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22mins, 1994, UK