The second of our events related to our current exhibition, Long time we’ve been working, features a performance by Alice Rekab and a screening of the Sistren Theatre Collective film, Sweet Sugar Rage.

Alice Rekab will present a bilingual reading of new work in response to the Cinenova program at Project Arts Centre. ‘time too-muh-fak-shuhn’ explores questions of agency and legacy through the experiences of two women, one from Ireland and one from Sierra Leone. Bringing together the lives of the artist’s grandmothers in a single narrative performance, the work will intervene in and change Rekab’s installation within the space.

Sweet Sugar Rage follows a popular theatre troupe who use theatrical improvisation as consciousness-raising tools for both rural and urban audiences. Their performances speak to the exploitation of women’s labour in Jamaica’s sugar cane fields and in the domestic space, and share the themes and methods of Sistren’s workshops and theatre in the context of their wider efforts in education, employment rights and community activism. We are delighted to be joined by Cinenova’s Charlotte Procter to introduce the film.

Image: Grave Side Wish (2022) Alice Rekab. Courtesy of the Artist, Commissioned by Museum Villa Stuck, 2022.