Club des Femmes celebrates 40 years of Circles and Cinema of Women (COW)/Cinenova with an event that showcases some of the films from our catalogue. The screenings feature a number of short low-budget experimental films that represent embryonic explorations into identity, race and desire (Focii) and early work of British based lesbian filmmakers. Taking their inspiration from the Black, gay/lesbian and women’s liberation movements of the period, the films are concerned with resistance & activism, as well as with passion & poetry.

At the time, film was able to provide a voice and a visibility for the community of lesbians that was growing in Britain, and internationally. Circles and COW/Cinenova gave crucial support to a diverse range of feminist filmmakers, by making work available, and so helping build an audience; a role that we continue to this day. The programme will provide an introduction that will situate the films historically, and explore their links with contemporary queer cinema.

Fill stills courtesy of the artist, Jeanette Iljon.

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