Cinenova has invited responses to the three Women & the Law Collective films as a way to meet and publicly discuss with others related resistance work taking place in the UK today.Respondents include Wail Qasim (writer, critic and activist), Nadine El-Enany (Senior Lecturer in Law and Co-Director of the Centre for Research on Race and Law at Birkbeck School of Law) Lucy McFadzean (activist and researcher) and Gill Snow (North London Sisters Uncut).

This meeting is a public moment of research for Cinenova to ask how the Women & the Law Collective films  and  the production of new visual culture, work and collective projects can be used for renewed calls for fundamental change?

Taking place on the closing date of the exhibition Time and Time again: Cinenova and Women & the Law Collective at LUX, 16th December 2pm

The event is free but booking is required

(*Something is wrong…. Maybe the real criminals of this world are not the people who populate the prisons, but those who have stolen the wealth of the world from the people – Angela Davis)