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We’re very excited to share details of our upcoming online event with Grand Union an arts organisation located in Digbeth, Birmingham of  ‘The Work We Share‘.

Sistren Theatre Collective x Victoria Adukwei Bulley: Sweet Sugar Rage⁠

Online via Grand Union’s website⁠
21 – 27 August⁠

A week-long online screening of Sweet Sugar Rage by Sistren Theatre Collective and a newly-commissioned poem by Victoria Adukwei Bulley.⁠ Following a screening of the film back in July 2022 at Grand Union this August we are excited to collaborate again and share Sweet Sugar Rage online extending the opportunity for a wide audience to engage with this important work and also to share Victoria Adukwei Bulley poetic response to the film as both a text and audio work to engage with.

Victoria Adukwei Bulley is a poet, writer and artist. Her work has appeared widely in publications including The White Review, the London Review of Books, and The Atlantic. She is the winner of an Eric Gregory Award, and her critically acclaimed debut poetry collection, QUIET, won the Rathbones Folio Prize for Poetry, the John Pollard International Poetry Prize, and was shortlisted for the T. S. Eliot Prize. QUIET is published by Faber & Faber in the UK and in North America by Knopf, Penguin Random House.⁠

Sweet Sugar Rage shows the work of, and explores the methods used by the theatre collective Sistren to highlight the harsh conditions facing female workers on a Jamaican sugar estate.

Sistren Theatre Collective, which means ‘sisterhood,’ was founded in 1977 in Kingston, Jamaica by working class women in the social, cultural and political context of Jamaica’s socialist experiment of the 1970s following the first decade of independence. Since 1977, Sistren has used art as a tool for social change for the discussion and analysis of gender-based violence and to provide solutions through organisational networks. The founding members included Vivette Lewis, Cerene Stephenson, Lana Finikin, Afolashade (then Pauline Crawford), Beverley Hanson, Jasmine Smith, Lorna Burrell Haslam, Beverley Elliot, Jerline Todd, Lillian Foster, May Thompson, Rebecca Knowles and Barbara Gayle.