Plutonium Blonde - Sandra Lahire, 1987.

In the context of the exhibition, ” The Present in Reflections”, the artist and Cinenova Working Group member Kerstin Schroedinger will present Arrows (UK, 1984) and Plutonium Blonde (UK, 1986), two films by the British film maker Sandra Lahire (1950-2001). Afterwards she discusses with the medical and cultural historian Elsa Richardson about specific moments in the history, in which the relationship of economy, body, image and spirit changed, about the production of emotions as well as connections between capitalism and emotionality. Schroedinger questioned these connections in their performance piece The alleged body, which was shown on the 20th of May during the exhibition. It deals with (among other things) the transformation of Fordist into immaterial work in the 1980s. In relation to Sandra Lahire’s two cinematographic works, Schroedinger and Richardson will talk about the body of the body and (mental) health, as well as the way in which they are conditioned by socialism in the context of capitalist production of emotionality.

More information here: Life Expectancies: the body between exposure and development