We know that many folks in the UK are feeling isolated, powerless and alone in grief and anger as we witness the violence and genocide unfolding in Gaza. The media narratives are dehumanising and it has a devastating impact. We need to find ways to bear witness, respond, resist, practice, grieve, heal and care for each other. We want to carve out a convivial space to be together and to remind our community that we are many.

We are opening our spaces in synchronicity on Thursday 19 October for communities in solidarity with Palestine to gather and hold each other.

We will screen films from the programme by the Palestine Film Institute: Unprovoked Narratives.

Warm drinks and nourishment will be available

Multiple locations are: @themosaicrooms (West London), @cubitt_gallery (Central London), @not.nowhere & Cinenova (East London) @luxmovingimage (North London)

We stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people, their right to freedom, to land, to life, to dignity and empathy. Let action be the practice that organises and transforms our grief. We encourage other groups to join us in opening up their spaces too.

Please check with each organisation for a site-specific opening times and schedule.

Design by: Marwan Kaabour @ustaz_marwan
Artwork: Peter Doig for Artists Against Apartheid UK
@artistsagainstapartheiduk Films courtesy of Palestine Film Institute @palfilminstitute

not/nowhere and cinenova space will be open from 6pm – 9pm
We will provide warm nourishment
630pm screening from Palestine Film Institute: Unprovoked Narratives.
645pm – Daniella Valz Gen facilitates somatic candle mediation
730pm onwards – screening a feature film from the Cinenova collection + we will be serving nerve calming teas and teas for the heart

Please DM @not.nowhere for RSVP link.