For our Next Cinenova Now Showing Glasgow based Kimberley O’Neill will present her film Circuits of Bad Conscience (2017) alongside two works from the Cinenova collection.


The Hired Hands – Judy Jackson, UK, 1985, 30mins

This documentary takes a critical look at the conditions of employment for the one in three women who work as typists, receptionists, clerks and secretaries in Great Britain and examines why women in these positions are often underpaid and exploited.


Delilah – Tanya Syed, UK, 1995, 12mins

A kinetic meditation on female expressions of power and desire. A chiaroscuro of tension and release.

Circuits of Bad Conscience – Kimberley O’Neill, UK, 2017, 13mins

Based around a science fiction premise, Circuits of Bad Conscience explores the transmission of affective energy between exploited viewers in a media circuit. The various characters that appear are formed from a cross-fertilisation of personal experiences, historical figures and commercial media material. Ideological power is engrained on the body and characterised as media-made-flesh.

O’Neill is an artist based in Glasgow, working mainly with moving image, performance and drawing. She graduated from the RCA in 2007 and was shortlisted for the Margaret Tait Award 2017/18. Recent projects include: Circuits of Bad Conscience, Telfer Gallery, Glasgow (2017), Conatus TV, Edinburgh Art Festival (2016), Amygdala N.O.S, a collaborative performance with Cara Tolmie and France Lise McGurn, South London Gallery, (2015). Forthcoming: solo exhibition, Satellites Program, Collective Gallery, Edinburgh 2018.

Judy Jackson has won many awards for her documentaries about Human Rights. Early in her career, at CBC’s ‘the fifth estate’, she documented the abuses of Dictators in Chile, Argentina and Guatemala. Then, working from England, (BBC, ITV and C4), she made films including ‘The Hidden Holocaust’ (Guatemala), ‘In Search of the Assassin’ (Central America’). Her film ‘They Shoot Children, Don’t They?’ (Guatemala), about street children murdered by the police, resulted in irate viewers writing in such numbers to the BBC, Amnesty International and the Guatemalan Government that policemen were finally convicted.

Tanya Syed makes single screen and gallery based work and has collaborated with artists from performance, dance, theatre and music. Her films have screened and toured extensively in the UK and internationally including the Whitechapel Art gallery 2000,1999, London, Turin Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, Italy 1996, and Electric Gallery of Moving Images Vancouver 95. Her work is distributed by Lux and Cinenova.

Cinenova: Now Showing began in March 2015 and runs monthly. The series intends to materialise relationships between contemporary artist moving image practice and the feminist and organising legacies present in the Cinenova collection.

Image: still from  Circuits of Bad Conscience (2017) by Kimberley O’Neill. Courtesy of the artist.

Please email if the full ticket price is prohibitive – or if you have any specific access needs you want to discuss -and we’ll do what we can to make sure you can attend.