Aphrodite* queer feminist festival continues with its second edition and will be realised between the 23rd and 26th of June 2019 as part of the Athens and Epidaurus Festival under the title:

Aphrodite* – her* magic, her* work, her* desire, her* power, her* care

Aphrodite* and Cinenova first worked together for the 2018 festival, with a desire to continue this conversation Aphrodite* invite through this call one person to travel to London and delve into the treasures of the Cinenova film and video collection for a few days. During this short term residency the invited guest, accompanied by the Cinenova working group, will select a series of audiovisual material (of a total duration of 60 min.) that will be screened between June 23rd and 26th at the Aphrodite* festival under the topic of << Queer Magik >>.

This call is open to queer feminist artists, researchers and activists, without age limitation, who could travel for 4 to 6 days from Greece to London in April 2019. Travel costs and accommodation will be covered by Aphrodite* Festival. We seek a person who speaks English and has valid travel documents.

To apply for the Open call please send a letter of interest including your research proposal (up to 500 words) and a short bio (up to 200 words) to: athensmuseumofqueerarts@gmail.com 

Deadline March 15th 2019

The selection of the guest will be realised by the Aphrodite* group.

The Aphrodite* festival continues the engaged community work initiated and established through last year’s festival. Aphrodite* focuses on queer-feminist art and cultural production, bringing together the lgbtqi+ community, both locally and internationally whilst activating new audiences in Athens. Aphrodite* highlights post-colonial practices within the European and Greek context, along with queer activism, anti-racism, and the struggle against sexism and rape culture. Through their works, activities and workshops, the various artists and contributors participating in Aphrodite* tackle care ethics, the post-pornographic politics vis-à-vis desire, the poetics of queer language(s) and the relationship between language and trans* bodies. Overall, the Aphrodite* project further establishes the collaboration between the Athens Museum of Queer Arts, the Athens-based Beaver collective, the Pembe Hayat Kuirfest in Ankara and Cinenova in London, while at the same time expanding its collaboration with new institutions and groups such as the TransFormations – Trans* Film Festival Berlin and the Athens-based Political Fatties, thus solidifying the international bonds across queer feminist groups and cultural production.