Due to concerns about the spread of COVID-19 Cinenova is closed for bookings until the end of April when we will review the situation. We are still able to allow digital access to the collection for remote viewing. 

We also wanted to say that the Cinenova Working Group will continue to work remotely and are on email, we’re London based so do reach out if anyone is in need of anything, we would like to offer our help in whatever way we can.

In light of the current COVID-19 outbreak in the UK, migrant domestic workers will start to encounter further prejudice and precarity – both with clients cancelling their services and the risk of ‘live in’ Migrant Domestic Workers being asked to vacate their work places and homes. Please consider donating to the COVID-1 hardship fund for Migrant Domestic Workers in the UK.

Cinenova is also in support of the many sex workers who are seeing a dramatic decrease in clients and work. As more and more people will be self-isolating over the coming weeks, it’s going to get worse. The most marginalised are the most at risk. Please consider supporting SWARM’s hardship fund for sex workers in crisis.

Also Cinenova recommends following The Remote Body   who are doing amazing creative work fostering community & hosting remote events for the isolated in the current crisis & beyond, for all but prioritising chronically ill & disabled folx.

Stay safe and well everyone