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Join us for a weekend of film screenings in partnership with the Essay Film Festival at ICA, 19-20th March. We’re excited to screen a few newly digitised and captioned films from The Work We Share programme

We will be joined by Nydia A. Swaby, Lola Olufemi and Christie Costello from Bare Minimum Collective, Rehana Zaman, Marissa Begonia, and Barby Asante, who will respond to each screening respectively. 

Programme 1: Back Inside Herself by S. Pearl Sharp (1984), A Place of Rage by Pratibha Parmar (1991), and Now Pretend by L.Franklin Gilliam (1991). Sat 19 March 4pm at ICA.

Programme 2: A Song of Ceylon by Laleen Jayamanne (1985), Loss of Heat by Noski Deville (1994), and A Prayer Before Birth by Jacqui Duckworth (1991). Sat 19 March 6:30pm at ICA.

Please note there will be no captions in this screening.

Programme 3: A Question of Choice by Sheffield Film Co-op (1982), and Sweet Sugar Rage by Sistren Theatre Collective (1985). Sun 20 March 2:45pm at ICA.

Programme 4: Scuola Senza Fine by Adriana Monti (1983), and Women of the Rhondda by Esther Ronay, Mary Kelly, Mary Capps, Humphrey Trevelyan, Margaret Dickinson, Brigid Seagrave, Susan Shapiro (1972). Sun 20 March 4:30pm at ICA.

We look forward to seeing you.